Yes but this is a ongoing thing with people always comparing this game how eve works and how this game works. this is amateur sandbox game designed for children. there is 0 lvls of creativity implemented into this game world with crafting. its just resorce A+b = item. housing is also basic. grinding is basic also.

a real sand box game for example is more in depth.
For example to make your house

trees + refined
need to lvl up carpentry to be a builder so making things like chairs tables chest would be needed more Albion Online Silver before being able to make a house or even other shops or refiners.

need nails and hammer to build a house. black smith makes nails or spikes. Ores make spikes and special carpentry tools. each individual tool needs to be famed up in order to craft different types of building not just a Adventurer level.

This game has been made for children. most children never experienced a sandbox game before. no need to call this game a sandbox to begin with if its going to have its corners all cut to cater to every ones needs besides the needs of sandbox players. Just call it a MMo and move on

I think the biggest reason they are just making it harder and harder to have PVP encounters with every patch to Buy Albion Online Silver. The direction of the game seems to be going towards spreading people out across the map instead encouraging people to clump closer together.

The game now has far too many inconveniences to trying to group together to make it fun anymore. For me the issue isn’t with people reaching end game gear and all that. The game was all about just getting to middle of the road tier and running around pvping most of the day. With a little PvE on the side for money. With how it is now i feel like i get stuck playing in one little area unless i want to spend significant amounts of time just traveling.

TL:DR: It not fun playing a game were you spend 70% of your time just trying to get to where you want to be.

And all that because theres a Beta-Wipe at the End of the Beta anyways, so why wasting time for farming or GvG, if everything gets resettet at the End anyways?
I stopped for like 1 week and started then playing it for 1 week, only to look into the game, getting something done. So i know some stuff when the game goes live.
Seriously there are at least 10 Members in my Guild that stopped playing and just waiting for the Wipe so they can actually really play.

I think we shouldnt worry at the moment, i think what i said is the true main-reason and most of these guys coming back to albion online gold shop. And to be honest, if we start now already making the players nervous with asking where all the players are gone, there will be some serious player leaving because they think there’re not enough players.