What surprises me is the consideration to allow multiple accounts given that the LP system is in the game. Since LP acts as both a rest exp system for less active players to Buy Albion Online Silver. And also acts as a progression decision limiting system for very active players it would seem to me that splitting up my character progression across multiple accounts and multiple characters is a way to get around the LP system. Which is kind of like saying cheating given that an out of game solution is being used to circumvent an in game system.

The more I thought about it the more I started to see how LP is somewhat genius. Providing a dynamic exp/fame requirement to progress based on play time.
Giving a very active player a higher goal to progress through skills and less active player a double bump in the form of rest exp and lower exp/fame requirements.

I did vote for “yes, in the limited sense”, no multi-boxing but multiple accounts is okay. I’m a power gamer though and expect power gamers largely will want this allowed and the majority of casual to medium activity players will not. Which kind of begs the question, “if multi boxing is not allowed in the form of bot armies does allowing multiple accounts really harm the game much. Since it’s primarily used by power gamer type people who are going to play the snot out of the game and be ahead of the curve anyway. There is the PR issue of allowing it since to my surprise 50% of pollsters said no and roughly 50% yes when both options are combined. LOL, hopefully you get a larger poll sample.

Runin wrote a good response on how to police Multi-boxers at this link

Policing game traffic originating from the same IP where all inputs received by the server are not equal to one another though is nearly impossible to Buy Albion Online Gold. Direct player interaction and or watching of the accounts in question is the only solution. That or scrubbing the server logs of the accounts in question to identify if they are communicating via chat with different people at the same time and if it is a macro or not. If the accounts in question show that they do have chats originating at the same time to different people and are different character sets, well then it’s probably two people and not a multi-boxer.

Whatever your final final decision is on the topic, I would certainly let people know that multiple individual people in the same home, school, business, place, or playing over the same internet connection is allowed. I was surprised to see how many people were worried about getting banned because they live with family or friends and multiple people play at the location.

I have my account and my brother has their own account, we will be playing at same time in the same house in different computers, but we are two different person if this is not an issue i prefer “no”.

You wanna play pvp and check the prices of some item or do some craft ok, but if we do that we can kill a lot of roles in the game like merchants, farmers, crafters because all this roles will be alts, another reason is that you can’t focus in two things at same time and even if you can get some silver in albion online gold market, this will prejudiced your response time. So relax for few minutes doing some craft or chatting then go back to the frontline.