“Ghost towns have been created” – Sure seems that way

“Blue portals are havens for those that dont have to sacrifice to win” – A lot of people including higher tier players do like to use these for exactly that reason.

However, I would not take away the content as a solution to Buy Albion Online Gold. Instead I would like to propose to the devs to look at a game that was once very popular on an international basis and was ridiculously simple but fun much like the concept that Albion has re-implemented into the gaming community with the click-to-move System.

Helbreath International and subsequently Helbreath USA was once a very popular game (circa late 90’s early 2000’s) that shares a lot of similarities to AO. However the “Midlands” in this game had high tier lethal mobs that would drop exceptional loot and “fame” (XP) and also allow players to fight in Open World. Something along this model as an add-on to the current structure I believe would make the game more competitive while staying true to the core of AO Gold. While limiting the amount of Blue portals or making them similar to Hellgates in Red / Black zones where they connect this would also place a higher focus on PVP.

On a personal note I would like to see a new type of portal be implemented to be a 3 man group that would also function like a hell-gate so that smaller guilds can see more PVP action as well. Just a thought.

The hellgates used be the best fame in the game and everyone used to use them. Once they added all these safe T4s with elites that people can solo more efficiently than hellgates, the hellgates died down.

I like hellgate pvp because you can’t get zerged. It has to be 5v5 pvp

The most efficient fame grind is the elite T4 mobs because they are in a non-pvp zone and solo or duo they give you better fame than grouping red zone content in best albion online silver store. This is a big reason why nobody goes out into pvp areas anymore. There is no good reason to risk it.