The mage boss in the Snow dungeon is a basically a “Skill Test” I am able to Tank the Mage boss as a Rogue just fine. If you don’t have any interuptors to stop that 2.5 second cast called “Black Lightning” it will do a flat 10.5k – 15.6k (critical) to your face.

I am not sure how any other class works but you need to dodge (double tapping A,D, or W) right before he casts the Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold. The skill itself is on a CD. I notice after 3 attacks, his 4th attack is always “Black Lightning”. By dodging I mean, don’t stand in front of him when he casts it.

Sounds like a Tank issue, I’ve met some Guardian Tanks that are able to eat the normal attacks just fine. Though it could be a healer issue. Really sorry I can’t help out but with only 2 character slots offered, I really don’t want to make another class until the new race comes out.

I have played the game for some time and have one character on each server because I want to avoid being unable to play because of the Riders of Icarus Gold issue. I really do want to try out guardian, but I don’t really want to delete any of my characters, since I use some of them to play with specific friends.

Here is the main issue, though. I believed that it would be impossible, but a friend suddenly said that he was certain he could have three characters on EACH of the three servers, but it just says that I am at the limit when I try to make a new one.
So my question is: Is there a three character limit on my user OR is it a three character limit per server, and mine is broken?

I hope you can help me out, because I really can’t find any definite answer via google or by searching in here. Might just be I have bad google skills, but I still really want an answer

You do the maintenance and now I cant do crap.. cant solo ANY boss, suddenly im having disconnect from server issues, I cant log back into my account. I cant take ANY hits now from monsters/bosses, im dead within 3/4 hits. I could used to solo elite fire dungeon difficulty 1 with no problems what ROI Gold. I cant even get past the skeleton boss now. Have you nerfed the Wizards or what? and made monsters tougher?