I tried this – warbow stun + mount. You can’t, there isn’t enough time, unless you gear all your gear for +CC duration you simply don’t get Albion Online Gold. Then if they have a purge, forget about it.

They killed the game for solo players of all flavors. I solo gather, which is even worse because most of the time burdened and also I havent spent 3months only fame farming so Im not in very high tier gear. 1 v 1 there is no chance to survive. I used to be able to get away from small groups of gankers – not any more now its just don’t bother going out to gather in anything valuable. Im starting to wear flat T5 because anything else is just giving good gear to people.

I think I agree with parts but not all, a 5 second shield is unnecessary and un balanced. If they can mount up in half a second I should be able to stop them in half a second.

On the part where you say “attack another player but not attack back” I don’t agree. The current definition of being in combat sucks. I had an instance where I chased a healer attacking and nearly killing a healer through the morgue/knockmount t6 dungeon all the way to the exit, just for her to be able to leave and mount up because she never attacked Albion Online Silver server, but she cleansed all sorts of effects and healed her self the whole way. This was bullcrap. I think if I person heals damage I do, cleanses my dots, vanishes out of my roots, sprints out of my slow downs, and heavy plate bubbles my stuns, they are in combat.

I also disagree with being able to use it during fade out. This would be OP and be abused especially if there was any kind of shield. The only instance in which I would be in favor of allowing this is if they made it so if a person gets dismounted by being knocked off of their horse that it would “fatigue” the horse so that a person would have to leave combat to remount once more.

I don’t think pvp should be discouraged in anyway shape or fashion. Enough people have holed up in the green zones since you can fame farm there now.