Why is it still so Easy to over feed your mounts. Why should I have to come up with a spread sheet to know how much food to feed them with Albion Online Silver? Why are there so many black holes in the game for food where it is just totally wasted?

Is this going to be addressed soon?

ATM there are enough people playing the game and farming that it is not that big of a deal. If we learned anything from the last beta it is that once people start to quit the game or quit farming, considering all the food waste in the game (which I hope isn’t intended) food get’s very expensive and thus do mounts and holding territories.

Also why is that when Crafting T3 food on a T7 Cook it drains that cook as though you were making T7 food? But when I craft the same food on a T3 cook it uses much less % and there for much less food or costs to fill back up? Is this intended or just another failure that has been over looked for over a year now?

Currently on a T6 cook it takes 44% of your food just to feed it. Meaning if I make a new building and were able to 0 food while crafting it would take me 44% of the total tater salad I made in order to feed it back up to 100%. This seems rather stupid for the cook building itself with the help of Albion Online Gold. Other building maybe that % is desired but since all building need the cook to sustain themselves putting such high waste value on the Cook station itself. IMO it seems down right retarded. What do you guys think?

Please feel free to double check my numbers and post your own stats. I think the devs are too busy to do 3rd grade math sometimes.