What do you expect to do in Blade And Soul

You wanna play through all content in 2 days and then drop the game until new content is released? Wtf? Or what would you do when your gear is max?
I remember Lineage2 .. you would need almost a year for a level as a casual. Farming weapons without Blade & Soul Gold? Took months too.

I’m at awakened siren lv9 and can clear everything solo as a Sin, and countless videos postet on YT/Reddit prove that every class can solo these dungeons without max gear. You just gotta know your class and the mechanics of mobs/bosses.

You’re bad at PvP? Learn your class, know your enemy.
I barely play PvP (heart starts to race like shit, hands sweaty) even tho I really like it. I watch(ed) countless streams/read guides on how to play my class and how to react to others. I know what to do in my head, it was hard to pull off in the beginning tho (hello muscle memory) but I see how I gradually get better.

The good thing is, that you can mostly tell why you lost. Sometimes it’s a lucky hit, but more often it’s a fault on your part or the opponent does something that you didn’t know he could pull of (know your enemy). This gets more complex as you rise in rank. I’m just a BNS Gold scrub with 1700 rating btw.

Blade & Soul

I was one of those who was about to quit the game when I saw what the grind was like starting at lvl 43 (yes I felt it at THAT level), when I saw I couldn’t get the true profane weapon to happen for ages I was literally a hairline close to throwing in the towel. Then one of my friends messaged me saying “This is the point where the majority of players quit by the way, all because they didn’t get what they needed after just 3 or 5 days.” So I just kept going another day or two and finally got the profane weapon. True Profane at level 10 is a BEAST, you’re considered a high threat in misty woods even to players with awakened sirens. I got to the 7th floor in Mushins Tower with True Profane and got Junghado’s HP down to 776HP before he one shotted me, if that’s not proof enough that True Profane is no joke.

I’m saying all this because as others have said, you can get by with True Profane and even run Poh/BSH 24man just fine. Obviously you need to take your Blade And Soul Items, accessories and bopaes into account. Mix up some of Poharan’s and Mysterious’s bopaes together and you’ll be pretty tough in other encounters. It also comes down to your knowledge in combat and counters, you need to study your target. If you fail a few times against a player, analyze their gear and decide your next move. If their gear is in par with yours then watch them, observe what they repeatedly use and counter with what you have. From what I’ve experienced in misty woods, many players are using the same skill repeatedly since they think that’s the auto-win skill when all they’re doing is leaving their doors wide open for me to counter them easily.


Blade And Soul Transactions Discuss

If the CC company rep told you the authorization was valid for each of those transactions, it is very, very likely that your account was compromised and someone else put in the other authorizations, besides yours BNS Gold. Unless of course, you put in 20x authorizations yourself, which you state you didn’t.
I strongly recommend using 2-step verification on both your NCSOFT account and your email account. If your bank entity allows you to use 2-step, use it there, too.

We live in a digital age.
You have to protect your digital transactions and identity as much as you can.

I am a little surprised at the CC company rep’s response, though.
Him verifying the authorizations is normal. But typically what happens, is that they lock your account immediately (You don’t have a choice; they just lock it, period). Then they refund the most recent transactions and lastly they conduct an investigation that can take 1-2 weeks.

Yes, I worked in this field for a little while some time back. Normally, you, the consumer, does not have any responsibility if there is fraud in R4PG BNS Gold Store, unless it is proven that you had a direct involvement after the investigation is over. In which case, it’s pretty bad for you. Fines and potential jailtime, etc.

I’m surprised AMEX didn’t simply dispute them right off the bat. Also, the fact that you don’t monitor your own CC transaction history. Also, that you don’t use Paypal. And in case you haven’t set one up yet, a 2-step verification does have its merits despite the possible downsides.

Anyway, good luck with that dispute. I hope you get your money back but it’s not unlikely that your account was compromised Blade And Soul Items. And it helps to have multiple CCs with lower budget caps instead of having $3000 limit on one.

There is nothing about that AV alert in BnS

Rest assured there is nothing about that AV alert, that was a false positive.
The threads are hidden on request by me because of quarrel with another developer MiyakoProductions

They will be back as soon as the admin Urbancowgurl777 has been online.

If you want to know more about that particular false positive it’s sometimes triggered when using an obfuscate to Buy BNS Gold, i choose to use that because of certain users here on the forum trying to reverse engineer my code and claim it for their own.

It will also help me protect the users from these same people modifying or releaseing fake versions of this program maliciously, and as always you are welcome to run in a program like sandboxie or choose to not use it all.

I have only been working on this to help the Blade and Soul community because of the good feedback i had gotten, so this is very discouraging for me.

Here is a snippet from Wikipedia

Disadvantages of obfuscation

Obfuscation can make reading, writing and reverse-engineering a program difficult and time-consuming, but not necessarily impossible.[13] Some anti-virus software, such as AVG, will also alert their users when they land on a site with code obfuscated Cheap Blade And Soul Gold, as one of the purposes of obfuscation can be to hide malicious code. However, some developers may employ code obfuscation for the purpose of reducing file size or increasing security. The average user may not expect their antivirus software to provide alerts about an otherwise harmless piece of code, especially from trusted corporations, so such a feature may actually serve as a deterrent.

When the BnS faction population is extremely unhealthy

When the faction population is extremely unhealthy because of its human nature to go for the majority, hence why the fuck introducing faction system in the first place when you know the imbalance will be there?

Are you sure the Asian server doesn’t have any sign of population imbalance? As far as I remember, it does exist, the only difference in China forum is that people don’t bitch about small stuffs like bidding system with Cheap BNS Gold, over-sexualized concept and things.

On top of that, knowing the human nature as you spoke, knowing it will caused the population to lean towards imbalance, you are indirectly locking a group of players from access to some contents, ask Mushin Crimson to do Terror and BlackWyrm, go ahead and try.

I tried before, failed miserably, from not enough human resources to not enough skilled players, from there to Insignia sources often being cut off and linked to the lack of proper gear. Long term effect often creates psychological issue, players are aware of the result without trying now, and that’s the current Mushin Crimson, thanks to the ‘human nature’.

What’s the point of having faction, the point of that faction design is to purposely make a group of players’ life much harder while others are easy as heck? Where is the healthy competition? Do we ask for a reversal in situation? No, we asked for a balance in population.

That crappy design created a chain effect, if you don’t have the mind capacity to critical thinking, that’s not my problem.
Its human nature to exploit too, why bother banning? why bother sanctioning? Those are external influences to Buy Blade And Soul Gold, the best you could do is to minimize them, when faction population is an internal issue yet I don’t see them addressing it.

Old Man Cho is just horrid right now, Crimson vastly outnumber to the point if you kill one you can bet that the channel/area will be zerged by no less then 20 of them within a minute.

Its really just beyond ridicules at this point, cant even do a single wyrm cause they will have an unmarked summoner taunt him none stop and lock the channel down on us. Its one thing to simply chase or kill us off but they do arse hat stuff like this all the time then spam chat they want to trade kills. Something really needs to be done cause in the long run its simply not going to work.

On the up side we seem to out gear them by a lot, soo many red scrubs oWPvP is a joke till the swarm comes out and we are just simply eaten alive by pure numbers.

Most of the people i know and quite a few clans have gone red simply do to the fact of being sicked of getting blade and soul gold farming none stop on every channel while trying to do daily’s. No fun turning it into a 4+ hour ordeal everyday.

Blade And Soul: full geared destoryer full pirate accs

So here s the deal atm i own full geared destoryer full pirate accs true siren moonwater soul everything 557 ap. and 1 summoner in lower gear.
i want some advice which class is better for endgame instances pve and pvp…i love destroyer but the thing is with this patch the fps drop lag and freezes increased and its affecting my animation cancelling Cheap BNS Gold. which is very dependent..endgame.

i want ur opinion what would be better choice going endgame with….if i got no fps drop or freezes its easy i got no problem wiht destro,,, but when i get them i feel sometimes useless.. Should i continue with destroyer or focus my summoner gear him endgame…and remain wiht that.

i know endgame pve is no joke..and some instances are really hard and i dont want fk up…so every advice is welcome.

Summoner it’s a safe option with Blade & Soul Gold, LvL 50 bring more open world content and I 100% that is going to be a pain for melees like Terrors/BW but instances should be no problem.

IMO if you can afford it upgrade to true pirate your summoner and play both at LvL 50, then pick one main. A geared alt is always a nice thing, thats why I working on my FM (my main is a Destroyer too).

if they would fix a bit the servers i would be so fking happy when they released that patch with R4PG BNS Gold..i only had fps drops at 24 nighshade when mysterious man spawned…but now wiht naryu…when those bosses make they re attacks with shiny flashses and stuff like that i get freeze and fps drop, i saw im not only 1 but if this continues in 50 lvl endgame.

Summoners have an easier time in BnS

You have your opinion and for the most part I do agree with what you said, and it was pretty much the same thing I said before. But I also don’t go around calling others slow or clueless just because they have a different perspective than you do.

Summoners have an easier time in almost all aspects of the game, that is true and I agree wholeheartedly. This translates to the class being “easy” to most players when some don’t realize that having an easy time doesn’t always mean it’s easy to master. But you may need more Blade And Soul Gold, you also need to understand that every MMORPG or even every online game requires one or more class that provides accessibility to the game. You can’t have an online game where everything requires a deep understanding and huge amount of practice to play. No one’s gonna play that kind of game, or at least not everyone’s gonna play. It’s a bad design practice. Summoner provides that accessibility, there’s always going to be one or more class/hero that’s the easiest to use to enjoy the game straight away. You’d find similar things in other online games which has a higher learning curve, from this to WoW, Lineage, LoL, Dota2, heck even in a super hardcore oriented game like Eve.

You also need to understand that in a developer’s perspective. Perfect balancing between all classes is something that they will try to avoid. A perfectly balanced game between factions/races/class would kill one thing that makes a game enticing and promotes discussions, arguments even debates and creative thinking. Sure they’ll try to nerf BNS Gold, buff, or completely change certain mechanics of a class over time, but they will never try to do it in such a way that class A has the same abilities and counter-mechanics to B and vice viersa. Google “perfect imbalance” if you wanna know more about what I mean.

For all the slow people in this thread who are trying to defend summoners, the only thing you need to understand is that people are frustrated at the “Low Risk / Low Skill = High Reward” that Summoners have in comparison to every other class in the game. To be able to compete against a player of equal or lower skill level, a player from another class must have a far superior understanding of the game mechanics and countermeasures against Summoners. Even with that, they’re still not guaranteed a win because of how easy it is for a Summoner to rectify their own mistakes and have enough to really punish the opposing classes for R4PG BNS Gold. Accept the fact that the majority of people here aren’t in the top-tier PvP matchup but I doubt they’re all from bronze/silver either. If you still cannot ackowledge the glaring imbalanced mechanics of the Summoner class, then you’re either 1) clueless, 2) in denial, or 3) a troll.

NCSOFT fails to deliver PROPER communication to their playerbase

Lots of ppl are asking that with the bot situation. Although cmon this update did come out pretty darn quick. I think the reason is which is what lots of others said is they are rushing out updates to catch up with KR which is prob the reason of it but really its only minor things here and there so its not the end of the world

The issue here is that, once again, NCSOFT fails to deliver PROPER communication to their playerbase. ALL of the information we have been receiving for EVERY patch has been through youtube or twitter. Nobody knew the patch was coming March 23rd BECAUSE it was stated in a Q&A that it would not be for a few weeks from the point they announced it *hint* it hasn’t been a few weeks.

Then there was the SUDDEN and completely NEW change made allowing people to CHOOSE their weapon path if they had not enough Blade & Soul Gold. This was done two days before the patch and it wasn’t until people blew up about it on TWITTER (where it was FIRST announced) that a forum post was made.

Now you have people running around knowingly expecting a GUARANTEED piece of content included in this patch, that was verified on TWITTER, (note: twitter seems to have all the answers now apparently) farming achievements. I am positive over half of the playerbase is still UNAWARE of this because NCSOFT cannot communicate or get their information in order.

Why is that a big deal? It subjectively is and is not. The bottom line is there has been way too much “we can’t tell you” “we have no information for that yet” answers in any Q&A’s and then all the major information is left to twitter and not their BNS homepage or Cheap Blade And Soul Gold. Nobody knows what is going on in this version for sure until the day of release anymore.

EDIT: I am aware this is posted in the “known issues” thread on News & Announcements. Who is going to look at a known issue for content that hasn’t been released? My point is that exactly. Lost communication.

The “Level to 45 in 3 Weeks!” in Blade & Soul

I feel that I really started the game at a bad time, only a few days before the “Level to 45 in 3 Weeks!” event. Since then, the pace of patching was relentless with Blade & Soul Gold. I am starting to wonder if all 7 acts will be localized by September. Maybe it’s time to create a Society for Enjoyment of BnS-West to be able to resist the stress that the company creates on the playerbase, and adopt the attitude that yes, we have the content, and we are going to frigging enjoy it, not choke on it.

well on kr I did 4 man palace with ~30k hp. here ppl will go there with 60-70 and will have more dps, so…

but it not only hp, they dumb down necropolis for sure, second phase was way harder in the past.

yeti pretty much the same with more hp, but yeti never was hard, pretty much 1 guy can carry all noobs in party there if he good untill they stop dps (koreans never stopped back in the days, we didn’t had the dps luxury for that, also it for noobs :p) and gather all ice flowers.

lair lmao.. it was BLUE dungeon back in original kr client Cheap BNS Gold, they just changed color for it to make annoncement about 3 NEW HEROIC DUNGEONS back when 50 content was released in ch, and merged this changes with all clients later. what u expect from originally blue dungeon?

You would want to do Cold Storage (both dem main boss and hidden coloured orb boss) for EXP. In CN, the hidden boss hunting quest gives 100k exp on completion. The orbs dropped from one of the previous dungeons (forgot if it was poh or bsh or even nsh), though one orb of a random colour will drop from the first boss in Cold Storage.

Usually people will find a party who is interested in doing the hidden boss. After killing first boss and looting the random coloured orb, the party leader buys the other 2 colours from AH. The fee for these 2 colours will be split among the whole party. So the other 5 members will have to pay back some BNS Gold or silver to the leader. How people prevent petty scams is to get the leader to activate two orbs, then ask for payment.

Legendary with similar skill bonus in BnS

I’m using legendary with similar skill bonus in CN even though at the beginning, most people went for Leech. It’s only later when the version with bonus damage on 4 became more and more common.

Generally across classes what I’ve seen is that the white version/CD reduction version are for R4PG BNS Gold Store, and black version/damage are for sustained builds. There are people who go for the less common one for whatever reason, but they still get into party.

50% reduced CD on Leech is insanely good for full Dark Build, considering HM RMB reduces Wingstorm CD by 2 secs, and an extra 2 secs while in Siphon State and gives an additional spectral orb.

12 Seconds Siphon State > 12 Seconds no Siphon state > 12 secs Siphon state.

I mean, it depends though on the CD reset skill on the Black weapon with Blade & Soul Gold. How often that happens, because I can’t even remotely imagine the reduced Cd on Leech being beaten.

Wingstorm cooldown might not be an extreme problem for me since 1. I’m using full dark build with unlocked Salvo, and 2. the dungeons require SS often so it resets during that time as well. I’m not extremely familiar with the common Bombardment + Helix build, so I can’t comment much on that, but as a WL that uses Helix + Salvo, definitely bonus damage.

Only JP, TW have that stuff. KR is a different realm, like China. Over in KR and CN, we have Nebula which is Meteor and Comet to Buy Blade And Soul Gold, then once you’ve reached Stage 12, you can get into Pacheon / Chokma Legendary which is the best of best Legendaries. Recently KR also added Hollow Legendary for plebs, Sky and Space, they are the successors to Nebula (Comet and Meteor).

Idk why you are worried so much about 2 man dungeons in BnS

Idk why you are worried so much about 2 man dungeons since there are too little throughout your entire leveling path,any class with their current level gear will be able to tank the 2-man dungeons while you’re dpsing in stealth. When you get to 6-man and 4-man dungeons you won’t have to worry about that,anyone else can tank,either be it a destroyer,or a blade master to Buy BNS Gold,or a summoner,or a KFM. Sin’s are useful in group PvE,they can put smokescreen on the ground (blocks projectiles and aoe heal if spec’d),you can pull meditating/near death state party members with your flower,you can also pull a large group of monsters with your flower if they have a stack of poison on them,etc.

First of all I would like to say that 190 ms its really bad for SIN, cuz thier damage output depends alot in the attack speed.

I’d say you will be in disadvantage in 1v1, but maybe you could outplay someone, but its gonna be hard for you.

In PvE, you will be even more behind IMO; the primary contribution of a SIN in party play its the raw damage, we have ‘decent’ utility: smoke screen its pretty good, flower not so much cuz we simply dont have the skill points at the moment.

our CC its MEEEEH, cuz again, we need to spec into CC, and that affects our DPS (ground mine for grenade, poison slash for shadow slash, lighting rod into stun, spinal stab etc)

At this point in NA, it doesnt really matter cuz this content its easy and YES, you can cheese out all the current dungeons with Cheap BNS Gold, even pohwaran can be done solo by SIN but… with 190ms it will take forever but it can be done

Just think about it, you will be doing like 50-60% less damage than someone with native ping