As a Reference point; I have many long years in both Gaming esp. MMORPGs & working within the Game Industry.

I thoroughly understand Botting Programs as well as how the (Asian) Gold Industry works.

If you see any farm-able nodes suddenly disappearing or players floating in mid air, Please Report Them Riders of Icarus Gold; taking a Print Screen & then submitting it with your ticket helps.

I know its a pain the arse and it is time consuming to take a few minutes and submit a ticket or hop on the Website and chat with a GM, however if players don’t take pride in this game and take a stand Against Botting, they will eventually overrun all of avialable farm nodes. I have seen this exact thing transpire and destroy games.

Often when you pay attention the individual running the bot program will by-pass game protocols, such as speed, or altitude; they are often seen under the ground (their little heads poking out or suddenly disappear and with them the node).

Just for my knowledge, are these the bots who run for the gold selling companies? Already I see several gold websites for the game despite it being new. How are they able to acquire so much gold to sell ROI Gold? Could this possibly also be the developers selling gold on another site to make more money from the game? – i know some companies do that

You won’t probably want to hear this however –
I contacted the leading Gold Selling Organization and found on the second day of Head Start, this Gold Selling Organization had over 500k in Gold in stock. How? That is truly an insane amount.