The problem: The moment you walk into the next room via those instance-portals in a dungeon WHILE there’s Loot Auction happening, it’s just gone. He’s dead, Jim.

I love the current loot system in B&S, you’ve seen how many MMO’s I’ve played and I might be biased because I either had bad experience with the other loot systems or seeing those for so long make them look very boring, but this?

AWESOME. You’re a noob, low on gold and you have no clue what’s going on ? Great, some dudes in your party bid on some stuff and you randomly receive X amount of Blade-Soul Gold for participation. You’re a veteran who stacked up tons of gold, sinks time and effort into the game and the item drops you want? Great, show those plebs who’s the real Bill Gates. Talking about Gates tho…

WHY, NCSOFT, WHY do you (especially as a new player who does not know that) punish people for trying to progress in a dungeon and maybe even “speed” up the whole run? Your loot system is great, you show how much you care and then you pull a HiRez… Unnecessary and I see literally no point in continuing this frustrating (maybe not intentional) feature.


Can’t scale ui elements individually
The problem: Simply seeing that you have a great UI Manager to move every single piece of the UI (even with UI snapping) and being able to scale the UI entirely (I for example use 90%) but then… you can not scale a UI element individually?

I generally think the UI is good, it has room for improvements tho.

Again, a lot of effort has been put in and at the last sprint, NCSoft sort of…gave up? Didn’t consider it important? Make every single UI element able to scale.

Healthbar disappears when grabbing an enemy
The problem: While you’re able to constantly see the enemy’s hp bar (which should be a nobrainer), that sneaky little HP-Bar suddenly disappears when you need the help of Blade And Soul Power leveling? Everything’s fine about how the game works in that regard. I recently started testing a Desu-troyer and its great fun doing the whole KAPOW into SWOOSH Piledriver thing. Shoutouts to Julianne Harty.

That seems maybe like a bug to be fair? I can’t see how that is intended.