Well with their “agressive patch” Schedule the game become a grindfest its more like a 2nd job than a game, we have to do our dailies everyday to not be left behind. I know a lot of ppls who call themselve veterans are happy to have their old content as fast as possible but as a new player who has a lot of BNS Gold, i am about to break, since launch i got no time to relax and enjoy the game, farm farm far

Maybe I don’t have the right idea but I don’t see how you can be “left behind” when we’re not even on 50 cap yet. Doesn’t 50 increase gold gain even more and provide ways of “skipping” the weapon evolution from earlier parts like profane and pirate? Seems like even if you were kind of behind now you’d still catch up to entry-level 50 stuff pretty quickly once it got here, since that content would just require a gear level that assumed you had straight leveled 1-50.

I don’t really look at the 45 stuff as “endgame” in the first place since none of it so far is particularly difficult, so it’s not something I’d want to be left on for too long. It’s more like “here’s the older stuff, it was pretty cool, ok moving on”.

Only part of 45 that really matters is NLab because the legendary weapons from there are really really REALLY good and upgrade to the best weapons at 50. A stage 10 level 45 Legendary is as good as a stage 1 level 50 Hongmoon legendary which is after all of the level 50 hongmoon upgrades. Level 50 NLab legendary will be the best weapon in NA/EU for a while probably (into 2017 I’d bet).

Warlock after 6 weeks from going live and no lv. 50 content on top of that… I’m mad! All their words turned into lies with Blade And Soul Power leveling. Few months into few weeks, lv. 50 balance to screw balance etc. I basically feel like wasted 6 weeks, NCoins, keys even gold on playing KFM, since I planned to main WL.

6 weeks to wait is not much, IF I would know. Waiting few months is a problem, so making some progress would be advised.
Now I just feel like not carrying and quitting until they finish updating things, so I can play calmly during very loooong period without updates.