Workaround: Esc Menu at bottom right hand screen, select “Escape” (this is a unstuck feature), or if high enough level, double tab S to move back
“Socket to Me” Quest – If the quest is abandoned or completed with the training gem slotted into the weapon, the gem will be retained and cannot be sold, traded or destroyed.

Workaround: Acquire cheap weapon and slot the training gem and sell the weapon to any merchant.

Black screen after a cut scene – Once this occurs restarting the game is the only way to resolve the issue.

Players who encounter this issue are encouraged to Buy Blade And Soul Gold in the Bug Report forum containing a DxDiag and what cut scene they encountered this on.

Mouse is capable of leaving the screen
Workaround: Alt Tabbing out of and back into the game will temporarily resolve this issue.

PvP and Dungeon Invite Name fields are limited to 12 characters
Hongmoon store Gift and Request name fields are limited to 12 characters.