I’d say the difficulty rating simply shows how much effort you will need to play the class at a decent to good level.

As a summoner, for PvE, all you need are LMB/RMB/F/TAB (Charge Focus/Damage spell/Self heal & Damage spell/Cat Charge), you do have more skills naturally but those 4 buttons are generally enough to do decent to good DPS, survivability and “support”.

As a KFM, you generally need to use more than that and counter is a fairly vital part of your gameplay. Since you will likely tank, you’ll end up using 1/Q/E to dodge damage and counter, which lead to other skills such as stuns and dazes. You have several charging skills, need to backdash a lot on fights and have “dps rotations” even on the basic level.

This also goes from a PvP stand point. An equally “low” skilled KFM player will get violated by a summoner. Once he knows how to fight the summoner that’ll reverse and Summoner will be 1-shot combo’d. However, the higher the skill goes for both players, the matches will be more difficult and equal.


The difficulty scale of each class lends no important value into providing insight to help you decide what to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. You should ask yourself what kind of gameplay you would like to experience in the game, and then go on do a bit of study on what classes provides what kind of experience. Do you like to have a pet to do your bidding? If so, you may consider the Summoner. Do you like to go all out kung-ho with your fists and good legworks? You might want to try out KFM. Some people like to go out hardmode on the first try into a new game but other people prefer to go it slow with easier classes. Difficulty here refers to a some sort of a subjective terms, so if you want to go logical about picking a class that you would like, do not fall back onto the difficulty scaling.

Another note, this game expects every player to be independant of their Blade And Soul Premium Membership. We do not have a “i’ll tank so you heal me” kind of thing, every class can do anything just that each class have something that they do better than other classes.