Today while doing my own business, and casual things i saw a guy putting 5000 Gold achievement to the faction chat.Yeah i know everyone can put there any achievement by ctrl+m1 but the thing is, he’s achievement was real.I know because it has blue bar over the 5000 BNS Gold achievement literally 5001 he has.

I just wonder, i can barely make 12 gold per day.Note to mention that i will incrase it by 50 very soon but thats NOTHING compared to that guy.
It makes me think that he’s using some sort of exploit ? Because imagine, the game opened exactly 19 days ago if you were premium.

Lets just say he were experienced player from the other regions.Lets make a math, imagine if he were hit to the 45 in 1 day but doesn’t matter he’s guilds for making Transformation Stones will be atleast 2.5 days to Buy Blade And Soul Gold, Meanwhile imagine he opened new characters to hit for 45, then he had 4 characters that he can gather soulstones everyday to make Moonwater Trans.Stones.
Well after that i dare to say he opened 8 new characters, each of them hit the level 45 in every day.Imagine soulstones.That would be way too much to making stones.But even all of these were happend for him, that wouldn’t make that much of gold anyway…

So anyone has a idea how he managed to make a high amount of money like this?

Even if you are first played this game when it opened don’t hesitate to comment.I just want to see your opinion and ideas on this. Server is Hao District