The damage from summoners is really good, my aoe’s did around 15-20k per tick (i can’t remember the exact amount) and my hornet(RB) also did a ton of damage. I was able to out damage most CN players that were also end game. If you compare damage with a geared KFM or BM, who are very skilled at their class, they will end up out damaging you, but you won’t be that far behind :).

Summoners can do anything and everything in PVE, they can have their cat tank almost any boss while they sit back and do damage. They are also great at supporting because their LB reduces the defense on a boss by 50% (Can’t remember the exact %), which allows your party to do great damage if they are under-geared. They can use their pollen to block all projectile attacks and use their flower(4) to have the team avoid a deadly boss attack. Their ability to mob is amazing, you run around and collect 15 monsters and have your cat tank it while you drop tons of AOE and wipe the floor with them.

I had a rating of 1500-1700 in PVP i can’t quite remember, but i did have a BNS Gold cup. Summoners are really good at PVP, their ability to apply DOTS on the enemy while having your cat stun,groggy and do damage while you run away and heal off your ability’s and do damage at the same time is an amazing feeling. You can dodge almost every skill your opponent throws at you by using the Flower(4, i don’t remember the skill name). If you time your flower right, you will never get caught :). Especially having 45-60k HP as a summoner makes you feel invincible in the Arena.
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Summoners are excellent in PVP and PVE. They might not do stupendous amounts of damage like a KFM,LBM or BM with low ping, but you will be doing a great amount of damage, even out damaging your party if you play it right :). A good summoner in PVP will dominate almost anybody, they have the tools to reach even the highest rank in PVP. For summoners in PVP, it all comes down to skill.