When you haven’t learned any Hongmun skills, I guess you can say Summoner and WL are only slightly affected by ping. However, when you learn Hongmun skills, pretty much ALL classes are affected heavily by high ping, so it doesn’t really matter which class you play. So, besides considering which class performs the best with high ping, you need to think about what other players expect from you based on your class. It doesn’t matter if you’re just going to be doing low-mid level dungeons, but if you’re thinking about playing higher level dungeons, try not to pick a class where you are expected to tank the boss.

For example, if you go to 4ppl jail dungeon as BM, people expect you to tank the boss (meaning if you’re not able to keep the boss’ aggro, your party members won’t be happy and will leave as a result Q_Q). It’s true BM has a high dps, but with ping above 100, you won’t be able to keep the Blade & Soul Gold. It doesn’t matter if you know every pattern of the boss and know how to handle it, you simply won’t be able to do enough damage to keep the aggro when you go with people with low ping who has similar equipment as you (and most of the time they do or have even better ones OTL). So, if you’re thinking of playing long term and be able to join all the dungeons, then pick a supporting class (destroyer, summoner, sin, lbm, fm, wl) rather than a tank class (bm and sometimes kfm)

Yeah it kinda makes sense that you need to be good to be able to keep aggro and be a tank. If you’re not able to do a certain role while playing as a certain, important class due to ping eg. BM’s tanking role, I don’t think that’s considered decent. Well you can always ask Chinese friends or guild mates who have better ping to tank instead, but you can’t ask them to do it forever :3 There will come a time when you have to tank. But of course, it might be possible to still carry out the tanking job well enough even with high ping, one of it being the no-brainer solution of being the most geared.

Pretty much as Krissy said. Assassin can be “playable” with 150-220 ping. You can pretty much solo main quest (except for blue dungeon quests from level 46-50) due to the stealth skill. But with that ping you will hit the wall when you challenge purple dungeons, even blue dungeons for newbie. I mainly play assassin and my normal ping is 65. I notice much difference just by 15ms ping increase, like 30% reduction in damage. To have high damage on sin you need to: 1/ RB F in stealth; 2/ animation cancel LB RB LB F on target when have 5 poison stacks, forced choke, choked, stunned, groggy; both of which are uncomfortable with 150+ ping, it makes your damage lower because of slower attack.