It isn’t misinformation at all though. Back on the chinese version bots used to farm for the outfits you buy when you use the bamboo/pirate costumes and collect tokens for, then break them into fabrics and flood the market with the fabrics to make money for their rmt. I got my costume on that version by piggybacking off of the bot train. The same with mail removal, they wanted to make it harder for bots to pool the money that they’ve botted by making it so you need to have charged Blade & Soul Gold. These are facts not misinformation and I’m not saying that it’s impossible to get fabrics through in-game means. White knights need to stop defending everything NC does however. It’s a fact as well that rmt is still going strong despite the fabric not being available through breaking down in game outfits and that mail still requires ncoin purchase to use.

There’s nothing to fix about fabrics, that cash item, why free user aways want to have everything for free, fabric is to cash user transmute rare outfits, ofc cash user and me, sell the fabrics to money, free user make the currency excharge price, free user increase the materials needed to upgrade weap expensive, and us, cash shop users sell fabric for expensive price to make you know how we feel, its all about economy, and thats our way, thats the game way, to make the cash side economy works, you will never, NEVER get fabric for free, but you can (and i dont like it) buy outfits with hongmoon coins and salvage, u dont want to do it ? well, get stuck.

So don’t buy, no one are forcing u, you need know that the game allow u to have everything without real money, but that doesnt mean you will able to gathe everything just farming, fabric as i said i cash item, i like to have all my transmuted outfits and free user don’t, but even free user can enjoy cash shop using hongmoon coin, don’t come here say smthing like ”yeah, ineed waste BNS Gold for some hongmoon coin” because its insane the rate the free users put in currency excharge, its totally easy to free user farm hongmoon coin (yes, farm..) but still, want to have everything for free ? fabric will be more expensive, i’ll make it be expensive, that a feature, if u can’t afford, bye.