Most of the other weapons besides hongmoon suck. The exception to that might be the storm siren / siren weapons. The other thing you want to consider though is: How long is it going to take you to max out your legendary. Legendary weapons are exceedingly rare, and exceedingly expensive to upgrade (many many times more than hongmoon). They also aren’t as good as hongmoon until just about maxed. Until then, what are you going to use?

One last thing to know is that when you a have a fully maxed hongmoon (True Pirate), you can break it down into a Soul, and then stuff it in your Soul slot. This is great for when you get a legendary weapon all maxed out, and have your maxed out hongmoon weapon collecting dust. Thne you can get a lot of useful stats out of the hongmoon by breaking it down.

It will get very expensive. I’m at 1 moonstone transformation thingy which is about 10 BNS Gold in my server and 2 gold to upgrade. As for the earrings, necklace, and ring. . . .10 Blade And Soul Gold to upgrade. . . .5 moonstone transformation things. . . .5 nyan purple silvers, 50 soulstone. . . .GG I’m gonna be broke.

Is it actually worth upgrading and subsequently evolving the Hongmoon weapons to max or is it better to buy other weapons and wait to try and get a Legendary weapons. I know the legendary weapons aren’t released yet in the NA/EU versions but they will be.