I feel that I really started the game at a bad time, only a few days before the “Level to 45 in 3 Weeks!” event. Since then, the pace of patching was relentless with Blade & Soul Gold. I am starting to wonder if all 7 acts will be localized by September. Maybe it’s time to create a Society for Enjoyment of BnS-West to be able to resist the stress that the company creates on the playerbase, and adopt the attitude that yes, we have the content, and we are going to frigging enjoy it, not choke on it.

well on kr I did 4 man palace with ~30k hp. here ppl will go there with 60-70 and will have more dps, so…

but it not only hp, they dumb down necropolis for sure, second phase was way harder in the past.

yeti pretty much the same with more hp, but yeti never was hard, pretty much 1 guy can carry all noobs in party there if he good untill they stop dps (koreans never stopped back in the days, we didn’t had the dps luxury for that, also it for noobs :p) and gather all ice flowers.

lair lmao.. it was BLUE dungeon back in original kr client Cheap BNS Gold, they just changed color for it to make annoncement about 3 NEW HEROIC DUNGEONS back when 50 content was released in ch, and merged this changes with all clients later. what u expect from originally blue dungeon?

You would want to do Cold Storage (both dem main boss and hidden coloured orb boss) for EXP. In CN, the hidden boss hunting quest gives 100k exp on completion. The orbs dropped from one of the previous dungeons (forgot if it was poh or bsh or even nsh), though one orb of a random colour will drop from the first boss in Cold Storage.

Usually people will find a party who is interested in doing the hidden boss. After killing first boss and looting the random coloured orb, the party leader buys the other 2 colours from AH. The fee for these 2 colours will be split among the whole party. So the other 5 members will have to pay back some BNS Gold or silver to the leader. How people prevent petty scams is to get the leader to activate two orbs, then ask for payment.