Lots of ppl are asking that with the bot situation. Although cmon this update did come out pretty darn quick. I think the reason is which is what lots of others said is they are rushing out updates to catch up with KR which is prob the reason of it but really its only minor things here and there so its not the end of the world

The issue here is that, once again, NCSOFT fails to deliver PROPER communication to their playerbase. ALL of the information we have been receiving for EVERY patch has been through youtube or twitter. Nobody knew the patch was coming March 23rd BECAUSE it was stated in a Q&A that it would not be for a few weeks from the point they announced it *hint* it hasn’t been a few weeks.

Then there was the SUDDEN and completely NEW change made allowing people to CHOOSE their weapon path if they had not enough Blade & Soul Gold. This was done two days before the patch and it wasn’t until people blew up about it on TWITTER (where it was FIRST announced) that a forum post was made.

Now you have people running around knowingly expecting a GUARANTEED piece of content included in this patch, that was verified on TWITTER, (note: twitter seems to have all the answers now apparently) farming achievements. I am positive over half of the playerbase is still UNAWARE of this because NCSOFT cannot communicate or get their information in order.

Why is that a big deal? It subjectively is and is not. The bottom line is there has been way too much “we can’t tell you” “we have no information for that yet” answers in any Q&A’s and then all the major information is left to twitter and not their BNS homepage or Cheap Blade And Soul Gold. Nobody knows what is going on in this version for sure until the day of release anymore.

EDIT: I am aware this is posted in the “known issues” thread on News & Announcements. Who is going to look at a known issue for content that hasn’t been released? My point is that exactly. Lost communication.