You forgot instant 10000 hp/s incombat regeneration but other then that can confirm. “haste” now properly balanced.

Jokes aside, beta 2 has alot of potential weapon and skill wise. Like all new alpha/beta stages I cant wait too see the new stuff they throw at us, despite it being “broken” or whatever.

More ontopic, “haste” is mandatory for openworld if u want to run away from the fight or chase down the aggressor/target with powerful Albion Online Items. If ur group or ur build is strong enough to fight whatever enemy head on, then the usefullness strongly declines. I’m not trying to defend it by no means, the movementspeed in combination with sprints leads too outstanding escape/chase potential. That is one of ur safest bets for survival in the open world. If u cant fight it, outrun it.

Let’s say a different armor piece with sprint is here to stay(besides boots obvs.). This will always force people who want max survivability/movementspeed to go for such a armor piece. This time it was on the chest piece to have another sprint, an armor piece that vastly defines ur role for a group/your build. Even worse it is only available on one chest piece in an entire armor line, so even in the line people are forced to go for said armor.

Why wasnt it a big problem before? It was on the head/helmet slot before, wich wasnt such a role defining armor slot. LP cost was minor, and there was no significant drawback from loss of resistances or armor passives. Additionally it had more of a high risk/high reward approach(movespeedbuff/resistancedebuff)

[list][/list]What to do?
Get rid of haste
Make “haste”-mechanic available on all chest pieces
Put it back on a minor armor slot, for an entire armor line.
I have my hopes high for Albion Online Silver. I could imagine a movementspeed buff on plate that grants an armor and resistance increase and for cloth something along the lines of movementspeed plus damage increase/overall performance(dmg/heal) increase.

Why should they be able to catch the scout builds? Why does everyone want their build to be able to kill every other build? Some builds are simply countered by other builds.

Here’s a tip, don’t chase. Or don’t try to 1v1 a bow in open world.

Mages will win 1v1 (standing still) against Bows. That’s why Bows have the mobility, so that they can kite and have a albion online gold for sale. Tanks aren’t supposed to solo; they provide the meat shield, zoning and crowd control for the dps to do the work.

You can argue that almost all of the abilities on the different armor slots across the board are too strong in certain situations.